Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Escanaba, Michigan

Don’t Let Faulty Brakes Go Unchecked

Brake failure is one of the most important vehicle issues to repair immediately, for the safety of yourself and others. It’s important to know what to look for as warning signs. For many vehicle owners, the first sign is a noise or whining sound while braking. This could be the result of regular brake wear or of more serious component issues. Maybe you start to notice that, while you are able to brake effectively, it takes longer for your vehicle to come to a full stop. While this isn’t an issue when you’re braking normally, what if you need to brake suddenly for an emergency and your brakes aren’t working quickly enough to stop you? Your braking system is considered one of the most important safety features in your vehicle and millions of dollars of research each year goes into ways to make brakes safer. Come in to Advanced Tech Service Center if you are at all concerned that your brakes may be in need of service: 2226 6th Ave N Escanaba, MI 49829


Different Brakes for Different Drivers

You may not give much thought to the brakes on your vehicle when you first purchased it. Whatever factory-standard brakes it came with were good enough for the manufacturer, and the vehicle stops just fine. After 50,000 in most vehicles, it will be time to replace your brakes and then you’ll have to consider what you will choose for replacements. Braking technology is developed depending on how the vehicle will be driven. Ceramic brakes are better for performance vehicles because they can withstand higher temperatures and produce less wear and tear on the brake system. Metallic brake pads are more common and less expensive, but they do cause damage to your braking system over time. Talk to our factory-trained technicians about what performance you expect from your brakes and we’ll help you find what you need: (906) 789-6591


How Driving Affects Your Brakes

At Advanced Tech Service Center, we know that drivers don’t give much thought to their brakes outside of the regular maintenance appointments. But we want all of our customers to know that the way you drive can extend the life of your brakes and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. Giving more space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you will give you more time to respond to their driving and brake in time should they cause a disruption. If you spend a lot of time in traffic, try not to rest your foot on the brake pedal while you are coasting. Even slightly depressing the pedal can bring your brake pads and rotors into contact, meaning they will work as if you are trying to brake even though you are coasting along in traffic. Making minor adjustments to how your brake in your vehicle will extend the life of your brake pads and the life of your braking system.