Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check Engine Light Repair in Escanaba, Michigan

The Next Steps After The Light Appears

There are several issues that would cause you Check Engine Light to come on and a few of those have simple solutions. In some instances, if you do not turn your gas cap completely closed once you’ve filled up your tank, it will register as open in your vehicle’s computer and it will turn on the Check Engine Light to warn you to close it. If left open, your gas gap may release gasoline vapors into the atmosphere. Your vehicle wants the engine to be a sealed and closed environment. At the other end of possibilities, that light could mean any number of more serious engine issues. If your on-board diagnostic systems detect any problem with your powertrain, meaning any part of your vehicle related to the engine and transmission, it will turn on this light as a warning to bring your vehicle in for service. At Advanced Tech Service Center, we use the latest in advanced diagnostic testing equipment to read your vehicle’s status and determine the issues. If you’re stumped by your vehicle’s Check Engine Light, give us a call today to set up an appointment that suits your busy schedule: (906) 789-6591.


What Can I Expect from a Check Engine Light Service?

If you bring your vehicle into Advance Tech Service Center, we’ll lay out from the beginning what you can expect from your experience at our shop. Our team of eight employees working in 12 different vehicle bays has been serving the Escanaba area for over two decades. We’ll hook your vehicle up to our diagnostic equipment to read the alerts related to your powertrain. Once we have our information, we’ll go over it with you so you will know exactly what is going wrong. Then we’ll set out possible service options for you to choose from. We want our customers to choose only the services they need and never feel pressured to add any extra. We’ll keep you informed during the progress of your repairs and let you know as soon as they are completed. Our shop is conveniently located so you can drop off and pick up your vehicle with barely a disruption to your normal schedule. Come have a look at our technicians as work, and see what we can do for your vehicle: 2226 6th Ave N Escanaba, MI 49829


Customer Service That Sets Us Apart

Your vehicle is so much more than just the car that gets you to the office, gets them to the game, and gets taken on every road trip. A vehicle is one of life’s biggest investments. At Advanced Tech Service Center, we know that servicing your vehicle is ensuring that it’s always ready and running when you need it, and we offer an extensive warranty on all our services and repairs. Our customer service extends long after you have left our shop, that’s why so many of our customers keep coming back!